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Videos from the Beirut Blast August 4, 2020

A neglected stored 2750 of Nitrate Amonium in the port exploded due to unknown yet starter. The blast estimated to be equivalent to 12Kilo Tones of TNT which is just 3 KT short of that of Hiroshima which was estimated at 15KT rendering this blast as one of the biggest non-Nuclear explosions in history.

The blast formed a mushroom cloud, and many were able to take videos because there was initial a smaller explosion and a fire, so everybody had their cameras ready when the second and biggest explosion occured.

In one of the videos, you can literraly see the shock waves as it moved and destroys everything in its way!

#Beirut #BeirutBlast2020

Below you can find some videos that were shared on social media on the day of the blast.


August 05, 2020 by mylebanon